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Forces Poetry

Forces Poetry

The Forces Poetry website has been created for you, anyone.
Whether you are or were a member of the armed forces anywhere, a relative or you just want to express yourself then this is where to do it.



Welcome to the British Army Rumour Service, ARRSE.
The Army Rumour Service is THE unofficial British Army community website.

Armed Forces Friends

Armed Forces Friends

Totally FREE site dedicated to helping ex-service or serving personnel in the British Armed Forces.

Army Benevolent Fund

The Army Benevolent Fund

The Army Benevolent Fund (ABF) is the Army's national charity and is committed to providing financial and practical support to soldiers, former soldiers and their families in times of need.

British Forces Wives

British Forces Wives

British Forces Wives is an online community for all women connected with the military, whether it be past or present.
Registration is absolutely FREE and once registered you can chat with other members, read, create and reply to posts on the forums, find long lost friends, create your own picture gallery, use the games console and lot's more!!

Forces Reunited

Visit Forces Reunited

You can find friends in the Army, RAF, Navy, Marines or T.A. Friends and civilian friends too on Forces Reunited. We have a huge database with well over 150,000 members, which is growing every day and the site is open to everyone with an interest in the military.
Wouldn't it be great to reunite with that old forces friend?

Forcespenpals went live in November 2003 and now has over 4000 registered members. Many have become engaged and the first couple, we know of, is getting married in August.
So if your are thinking about signing up......go on! You've nothing to lose.

Military Wives Rise Again

 Military Wives Rise Again is an international military wives, girlfriends & families MSN group

Military Wives Rise Again is an international military wives/girlfriends & families MSN group.
We are an very active group with fantastic members who support each other, chat & have a good 'ole giggle. We talk about all sorts including the latest movies, music, recipes & every day life.
All forces (including TA) are more than welcome.

REME Wives

REME WIVES - Your Portal of Support

Your Portal of Support!

Royal Air Force Benevolent Fund

Royal Air Force Benevolent Fund

The Royal Air Force Benevolent Fund exists to provide assistance to those of the extended Royal Air Force Family who need support as a consequence of poverty, sickness, disability, accident, infirmity or other adversity.
This extended family embraces all ranks, male and female, who are serving or have served in the Royal Air Force or its associated Air Forces, their widows, widowers and dependants.

Service Pals

Service Pals is a thriving community of military men, women, friends and family from the British Armed Forces.
We help old friends get back in touch. We help to create new friendships through our online forums, chat rooms and photo galleries.

Squaddie Wives

Squaddie Wives

Advice and support for army families and friends